Wgm couples dating in real life


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Here are the 5 WGM couples that were caught up in scandals during their time together, because of rumored or confirmed dating rumors with other people. This pair was one of the first pairs to ever appear on the show. In the midst of their filmings, it was revealed that Jung HyungDon was dating Han YuRa who is now his wife , and the netizens demanded that they get pulled off the show.

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When rumors hit that she was dating her co-star Lee JangWoo , although they denied dating, their fake marriage soon came to an end. One of the hottest scandals.

[KOREAN CELEBS] Real LIfe Dating Couples (2018)

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Wgm couples dating in real life

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Help Is there a couple in We Got Married that dated in real life? I've been binging on We Got Married nowadays. Romance was really sizzling and the chemistry was off the charts! Is there a couple in We Got Married that actually dated in real life?

Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun appeared on season 2, and they were the very first real couple that the show had on. As in, they were already a couple when they were invited to do the show. They dated for almost 10 years, but ended up breaking up.

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The question wasn't "Is there any WGM couple that got introduced on the show and then ended up dating in real life? So no, it's not the opposite.

10 Korean Celebrity Couples Who Fell In Love On Set

I'm not being pedantic here. There was a question and I answered it. It just seems like some people are reading the question differently than what OP wrote.