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They look at the world in terms of emotions. They look at the world in terms of who they can trust. Who they can open themselves up to? Who are their emotional allies? All people at some level or another are always looking for some emotional validation. Keep these factors in mind when sifting through the four dating tips for Pisces women outlined below. The Pisces woman as mentioned above likes to map the world in emotional terms.

This gives her comfort; this gives her a certain sense of security. The problem is, not everybody looks at the world in emotional terms.

Miss Caring

Some people are idealistic; some people are materialistic; some people have no principles at all. If you send out the wrong signal to the wrong person, you might get a wrong match. The problem with this kind of relationship is that it often leads to a one-sided relationship where that person matures and grows, thanks to you.

Eventually, he will outgrow you and leave you behind. Be very careful regarding the emotional signals that you are sending out. There are some people you simply cannot trust with your emotions. Be aware that there are different types of people out there and that you can only communicate with them on an emotional level to a certain extent. As I mentioned earlier, people are attracted to your emotional authenticity. Many people are really living inauthentic lives.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman

They like to put on a show; they like to put on an act. The Pisces woman may have multiple careers at different stages in her life. She is naturally creative which would explain why so many Pisceans are attracted to both sides of the camera in the entertainment industry. Working a steady job is nice for her if she gets to use her intelligence and her imagination.

The Pisces woman must be wary of those who are trying to sell her financial advice, insurances, properties, or get-rich-quick schemes. The Pisces woman has a habit of getting caught up in the moment, and most of all feeling for the person selling her something, and rational thinking may temporarily go right out the window.

Nevertheless, Pisces women realize the importance of a dollar and are pretty good at making it stretch. Pisces women will go to great lengths to please their families. A Pisces mother loves her children to the moon and back, but sometimes she may find it hard to discipline them. She is prepared to sacrifice everything so that they can have and achieve their dreams, even at the expense of her own. She will make a warm home out of the simplest apartment.

As one can expect, the emotional intensity of a Pisces woman means that she will be susceptible to headaches, but they could also be a result of some overindulgences. Excesses in drinking, eating, and late nights can sometimes play havoc with her health and contribute to her sometimes low levels of energy. Pisces are not typically slaves to schedules, and this can be a wonderful thing, but if excessive, can have some consequences.

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Water does not like constraints, and similarly, Piscean women tend to favor loose, flowing, graceful silhouettes. This little mermaid is most in tune with her world when she is comfortable, wearing clothes that are silky and soft — no binding zippers or corsets for her! A Pisces woman loves shimmer, like light on water, and will adorn herself with jewelry in unexpected places. Anklets, toe rings, and moonstone brooches worn in cascades of hair are her favored fashion accessories.

Her special gemstone is jade, and is particularly appropriate in jewelry for the hands and feet rings, bracelets, toe rings, and so forth , as Pisces rules the feet. She also does well with the amethyst. Her main color is sea green. Pisces generally looks best in ocean shades of blue and green, and often steers clear of overly bright colors.

Because Pisces is somewhat of a chameleon, she is quite flexible when it comes to style and fashion. Luckily, she can usually get away with pretty much anything. She possesses an unusual quality in that she can blend in yet somehow remain unique. Pisces has a flair for fantasy, drama, and make-believe, and sometimes this is apparent in her particular style. She often has a greater than average love for shoes! Pisces tends to be averse to any style that is too forceful, restrictive, or overly defined.

The Pisces Woman

This is in keeping with a personality that is never harsh or austere. Soft lines, a shape that moves and breathes, and soft rather than primary colors are styles that suit the Piscean personality. They see poetry and beauty in all things. Lost in a world of dreams and creative urges, the Piscean woman exists in a world beyond fashion, yet she is not immune to it. She just makes her own, and on her, it becomes art.

Her other-worldly qualities mean she can never be like anyone else, but it also makes her unforgettable. She dresses as if life were really the stuff of her own fantasies. If she loves fairies, there will be something flowery and spring-like about the clothes she wears. If she is into mermaids, she will shine like mother of pearl.

If she is into Gothic culture, she will be dark and mysterious. Her moods are vast as the ocean — she can be all of these things at the same time. The Piscean woman loves floaty things.

Miss Sensitive

Soft fabrics such as silk, voile, and tissue tempt her to drape and design her own unique styles. Her deep love of art will see her painting her clothes or her body with fantastic designs. Her clothes will drape and fold in the most sensuous manner but she seems utterly unaware of how sexy she is.

Her eyes are like stars reflected in pools of deep water, no matter what their color.

3 Ways to Date a Pisces - wikiHow

Everything about the Piscean woman is touched with glamor and star shine. Shopping with the Piscean woman is an out of this world experience. She is drawn like a magnet to new age shops, shops selling exotic goods, and places that are piled high with eclectic goods, like bazaars. She loves to rummage around and make discoveries.

She is the one who will come across a crystal ball, an old pack of tarot cards, or a fabulous embroidered velvet cloak for a song. No one knows how she does it. She seems too much off with the pixies to be a bargain hunter, but she has an unbelievable instinct for finding bargains. She has no real interest in fashion week or the great fashion houses.

She reads magazines compulsively, but it is only to get ideas she can adapt for herself. She draws inspiration from Japanese streetwear and other anti-haute couture places.

The Piscean woman loves her friends and loves to shop with them, and loves even more to get out her make-up and hair products and make them over. She always has a huge selection of make-up to choose from. Bring the outdoors in with plants, fish tanks, and pets.

100 Ways To Keep A Pisces Woman Happy

Buy small gifts such as potpourri and scented candles for aromatherapy. Surprise her with a picnic near a waterfront. Share your goals and make her apart of them. Never forget her birthday Be loyal no matter what. Remind her that you're thinking of her with text messages, emails, or love letters. Keep her favorite kind of wine around the house at all times. Massage her gently from head to toe. Treat her family and friends as if they're your own. Love her intensely without smothering her.

5 Things a Pisces Does When They Have a Crush

Allow her to dote on you. Pisces women love to take care of their man. Work together on projects. Don't let your Pisces lady handle the garden work alone. Protect her at all times. This will make her feel safe and loved. What Is a Pisces? Neptune — the planet of fantasy Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Show her you care by being concerned about her health and wellness. Give your Pisces woman free range to decorate the home the way she invisions it. Ask her father for her hand in marriage. Brag about her to your friends and family.