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The sculpture at Alba Julia provides evidence of the manica in use in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD by the military. Bishop lists likely components as one shoulder plate, about 35 metal ferrous or copper alloy strips, leathering rivets, 3 or 4 internal leathers, and one padded lining. The lining may have been a separate component, in order to avoid it being torn by the articulated metal plates. Each strip had holes at its lower edge, through which flat-headed copper alloy rivets passed from the inside to hold the leather straps in place.

It also had a hole punched at each end, which did not have a rivet and presumably served as an attachment point for an organic fastening. The lower few plates were in some cases riveted together, rather than articulated on leather. One depiction appears to show a manica terminating in a hand shape.

The usual arm position depicted for Roman swordsmen is with the upper arm vertical and close to the torso, the forearm extended horizontally with the thumb uppermost. The plates were probably not long enough to cover the whole circumference of the arm, but would have extended from the upper arm down to the thumb, leaving an unprotected area at the back. The plates overlapped upwards, directing any blow to the inside of the elbow which had a particularly dense coverage of multiple plates.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bulawayo mayor chokes on tear gas, faints 14 hrs ago Views. Mnangagwa sued over Internet blackout 14 hrs ago Views. Zimbabwe deports 'toxic' SA journalists 14 hrs ago Views.

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Internet shutdown anachronistic 14 hrs ago Views. US senators blast Mnangagwa's govt 14 hrs ago Views.

Panicking Zimbabwean shoppers besiege supermarkets 14 hrs ago Views. Zimbabwe soldiers leave ugly terror trail 14 hrs ago Views. Mnangagwa's cabinet approves new cyber bill 14 hrs ago Views.

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  5. Army deployed to Bulawayo streets 14 hrs ago Views. Elders condemn Mnangagwa's repressive rule 14 hrs ago Views.

    Are You Looking for Love . . . – ManicaPost

    Victims tell tales of Zimbabwe army brutality 15 hrs ago Views. Suspected MDC protesters denied bail 15 hrs ago Views. Mnangagwa's top ally ordered Internet shutdown 15 hrs ago Views.

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    Legality of blocking the Internet simplified 15 hrs ago Views. Mujumi jailed 12 months over contempt of court 15 hrs ago Views. ED stop talking and start acting 15 hrs ago Views.


    Chiyangwa accused of destabilising Zifa 15 hrs ago Views. Read All Our Latest News.


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