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After you complete each one it asks you to do, it will then take you to the "love is in the air" task. Otherwise you will not get passed the "best friends" level. I'm happy to answer any questions. Also, to speed things up you need LP. To get these for free go to the store button and on the bottom should be this green button that tells you to get free LP.

Click that and complete one of those surveys or whatever and when you finish you will get those LP to speed up your sims processes. When you get to about level 3 there should be a marriage quest. In the quest it basically tells you to be romantic and you keep doing that until you get to partner. At a certain level of their relationship you can do woohoo to but it's quicker to be romantic. When they are partners if you click on one of them it will say propose marriage. You click on it and then choose a ring.

It helps to get the most expensive one because Sims will probably say no if it's not expensive. When they are married move them in together and then click on the baby crib and press add baby. To pass the best friend level you must make the sims interact with each other alot. Once on level seven or above you eventually access the "love is in the air" quest. After finishing you may have a romantic relationship with anther sim.

That should answer all of your questions people. Okay so people are not deatailed. You have to get to level 7. Then you get the money on trees quest complete thathe then you will have the loves in the air quest allowing you Sim to date. I very much hope his helps a lot. Tell me if this works. Then, your Sims can have higher relationship statuses like being a couple, and marriage. I know, it's frustrating Just make them be nice to each other for a while, get them to best friends, and then get your XP up until you get to level 7 and can do the quest.

If you are having trouble passing the best friends on sims FreePlay then continue reading this response. When I started playing the FreePlay I did the quests it asked then I stopped doing them because I wanted to get married etc.

Sims 3 - Boyfriends and BFF's; Question. | IGN Boards

I thought I could just fast forward all the quests. What you need to do is complete all of the quests it requests.

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As you complete the quests it will unlock different stages of life on the sims FreePlay. So one reason why you can't pass the best friends stage is because you haven't completed the quests so the computer thinks that you are ready to get married etc. So if you want the married life and children complete the quests.

Put 2 sims in a room. Then put the door in inventory so they can't leave. Then make them be friends. Once they're friends make them be romantic. They'll go through date to partner. Once they are partners you can do the same with another sim. If you get romantic with another sim before you are partners with the 1st then the 1st will be jealous and lose status. You can have as many partners as you want. After best friend you need to get to level 7 and be romantic to a sim multiple times. Then you can get married and things. See guys, the only thing is is that in real life, you don't push your relationship fast, you do it at your own pase.

And so, if you are stuck on Best Friends, you have to keep being nice and funny for quite a while until your sims are ready to get engaged or become partners. It can take pretty long, but if you manage to complish some tasks and you reach to the one called "Love is in the air", then you should try doing that one.

I promise, it'll work, but like I said, it takes time. You have to be patient like the others.

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But once you become partners, you shouldn't argue or anything like that because that will just make your relationship lower. I hope this helped you guys! I think I found a way! When your in best friend keep on being nice then be rude. Click on the person that has the more options like "chest bump etc" it will have the bar with the green on it I just tried and it works be nice before being rude or you may go back to the friend zone".

I can't get past best friend zone. But when I click rude or complain it turns green and the best friend meter goes up. I thought I made it past but I didn't. How do I get past best friend zone You have to be romantic, and keep doing that until they become partners. Then you can WooHoo and become pregnant. You have to wait to get to level seven for the love is in the air quest so you can be romantic or it will just keep going back to good friends and then it will start a bidding romance so you can Gervinho married. Hi there, so I know I'm really late but anyway.. First, you need to complete a certain quest.

You need to complete the money quest, it can be unlocked at level 7. After you complete it, you'll unlock a new quest. It's the 'Love is in the air' one. So just complete the quest and you'll get any sims you have to get married. I hope this helped. Eventually the "Love Is In The Air" quest will pop up and you work your way through the quests that are to do with it until it gives you the option the be romantic and then you keep pressing be romantic until the meter goes up. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer.

How to go from best friends to dating in sims freeplay

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    I can't get higher than best friend is there any ..

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